Melania Trump Nude

Nude Celeb of the Day: Melania Trump

Melania Trump NudeWhile the world is currently obsessing over election day and who the next president will be, we’re celebrating the fact that for the first time we have a potential first lady who has actually posed nude.  That’s right, the pussy grabber himself Donald Trump has an ex-model wife that took it all off back in her modeling days.

Melania Trump (formerly by the last name Knauss) has gained a lot of attention recently for coming off as a great potential first lady regardless of the fact that her husband is known as a bit of a ….loose cannon to say the least. Melania has come across in recent weeks as educated, concerned about the issues, soft-spoken, …..and the fact that we’ve seen her naked pretty much wins us over when it comes to Mrs. Trump.

Love or hate Donald Trump, his wife Melania has a legit modeling history and these pics prove it.  The most risqué shots are from a French magazine from the 90s and feature Melania completely nude- there’s even a couple of photos featuring her naked with another female!  Some of the other pics feature a bit more clothing (or topless but covered) but are still hot none the less, definitely the most we’ve ever seen from even a potential first lady!

Even if Melania Trump becoming the first lady is a long shot, the time she has spent in the spotlight the past few months has brought these nude pics to light, and we know they will live on forever regardless of where Donald Trump ends up!