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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Classic Nude Scene: Margot Robbie Full Frontal Nudity in The Wolf of Wall Street

Margot Robbie BoobsWe figured since Margot Robbie is about to blow comic fanboy minds (and probably many fangirl minds too) with her sexy portrayal of the one and only Harley Quinn in the upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie, it was a good time to feature her awesome nude scene from "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Yes this movie just came out a couple of years ago, but when it's Margot Robbie doing full frontal nudity, it's pretty much an instant classic.  The scene is also great because we love realism and Leonardo DiCaprio does a great job of acting out what we would all do with a fully nude Margot Robbie standing in front of us - get to banging her, multiple times.

Yes it seems that Leo lasts about as long as any of us would with Margot in this scene, but it also demonstrates how fast most of us could get it back up with her topless boobs out for visual aid. Of course Margot's character "Naomi" isn't satisfied with the length of performance number 1, the fact that an instant round 2 happens seems to please her.

While the scene is fairly short, who can complain after getting a full frontal shot of nude Margot Robbie that is so great it makes us want to thank the entire country of Australia for producing her. Of course a shot of Margot's ass would have been great too, but she's still young and has many years of nude scenes ahead to do; we imagine once she rocks the comic world with her version of Harley Quinn, she will be even more in demand, especially for nude scenes. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Playlist: The Top 10 Nude Scenes from Orange is the New Black

Netflix's hit series "Orange is the New Black has a huge following and is one of the most talked about shows out there - sure there's a great story and all, but of course it has us watching because of the great amount of nudity!  We should have known a show about women in prison that isn't restricted by being on a network was going to mean a lot of nudity and girl on girl sex. Today we're looking at the hottest nude scenes from the first four seasons of the show.

Charlotte McKinney Demonstrates How a Bikini Can Be NSFW

Charlotte McKinney Bikini AssWhen we think of the celebrity photos and videos that we find to be "NSFW" or "Not Safe For Work," we generally think of nudity in some fashion; sometimes it's on purpose and sometimes it's accidental nudity, but it's being naked in some way is how we normally deem something NSFW....unless you're someone like Charlotte McKinney - in her case, even just wearing a bikini can be NSFW as evident by the pics we have today.

One glance at Charlotte McKinney and you'll see why she's been deemed by many as the "next Kate Upton" - her assets can barely be contained and it doesn't even like she was trying to do so recently in Malibu.  Charlotte McKinney demonstrated in these pics that a tiny bikini + big boobs and then showing off a nice ass in a thong is a recipe for success.

Actually Charlotte is no stranger to using her access to gain success - I mean the girl got famous via her Instagram profile and made people take notice.  Now it seems like she realizes what brought her to the dance and is showing it off even more.  I mean it's one thing for a hot model to pose for hundreds of sexy pics, but that doesn't mean we want to see candid pics of her in a natural setting with very little clothing as well. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fergie Returns to the Stage with Mom Boobs and a Close Shave

Fergie wardrobe malfunctionSome call it a wardrobe malfunction, we call it genius marketing - Fergie's return to the stage after a lengthy break due to becoming a mom created quite a stir, mainly because her outfit barely held her in any of her lady parts. 

When we think of wardrobe malfunctions, we think of fully exposed breasts or nipples, or some other piece of an attire that rips or falls off; in this case we think Fergie just knew how to bring attention to her return and get people talking about her immediately even after being mostly out of sight for the last few years.

After all, Fergie has brought her visual pleasantries to our site for years; six or seven years ago we were posting on how great Fergie's ass looked in music videos and how awesome her bikini body was, now here we are again posting about her assets - although her mom-status has now given us some...."enhancements" to talk about.

Yes the first thing that caught our eye in these pics from Fergie's recent concert at Rock in Rio Lisboa was that her mom boobs were on FULL display. Fergie has always had rather large boobs, but now they're bigger and nearly spilling out level....ah the benefits of motherhood. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Jennifer Aniston Hits the Beach in a Bikini - Pregnant or Not?

Jennifer Aniston Bikini PregnantIn the mid 90s, Jennifer Aniston was arguably the hottest celeb on the planet; it seemed like "Rachel" from "Friends" was everyone's dream girl and the idea of ever seeing her naked wasn't even fathomable.  Over the years, Jennifer proved this thought to be true as it's a rare case that we ever get to see any skin from her - maybe a hot photo shoot or a brief glimpse at her nipple in a sex scene, but never the full on raunchy nudity we would expect someone to pay her for at some point in her career.

Nonetheless,  even all these years later, we're still looking at Jennifer Aniston and even at 47 years old.....most of us still would - and apparently her current Justin Theroux just did that because rumors recently surfaced that Jen was pregnant with a "miracle baby" given her age.  Just as soon as that news started to sink in, the pregnancy reports were denied and that seemed to be that....until these pics.

Anytime we hear about Jennifer Aniston in a bikini, we're definitely looking; if it's in a tiny bikini, all the better.  So basically Jen has her ass and boobs on display very well in these pics from the Bahamas, but her skin show has people wondering if maybe she really IS pregnant. 

We think Jennifer looks great in a bikini especially for being 47 - maybe she isn't in the shape she was in 1993, but then again who can expect that?  Maybe she is hiding a secret pregnancy, but then again she's probably "been pregnant" 20 times over the years according to the rumor mill, so maybe she's just relaxing and letting things go SLIGHTLY. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Playlist: Celebs Having Sex in Cars

Today's playlist features another classic scenario most of us can relate to at least at some point - girl and guy (or hey, maybe 2 girls) are horny in the car, nowhere else to go and do the deed, so what better place to get it on than right there in the car?   Maybe what makes this scenario so hot is the fact that the risk of getting caught is always there, and maybe also a little bit of being naked in a semi-public setting in many cases is also a turn-on factor.

No matter what type of sex in cars is your preference, we have a great variety in this playlist - we've got real sex from a former Miss USA (which is actually sex ON a car,) some car sex scenes from a number of classic movies, and even girl on girl action....in a car!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Nude Celeb of the Day: Amber Heard

Amber Heard Nude ScenesAmber Heard's name has been in the headlines almost daily as of late, and not for positive reasons.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you've undoubtedly heard about Amber's rocky relationship with Johnny Depp and all the drama involving accusations on both sides etc. 

Somehow in all this, we almost tended to forget the fact that Amber Heard is a certified nudity legend when it comes to nude movies scenes (and beyond,) so today we're bringing the positivity back as we look at the best of Amber's nude scenes.

It's almost amazing to think about an actress like Amber that has been in so many movies over the years at such a young age and has talked about seeking out really good roles, yet she's also been naked in many of those roles in numerous ways - something you don't see overly often.  From playing the super horny teenager to partaking in drugged out orgies, Amber has done it all and we can't say she doesn't always leave us wanting more!

One shining fact that stands out when it comes to Amber Heard's status as a nudity legend is the fact that she is only 30 years old, and went topless for the first time in a movie at the age of 18 in Friday Night Lights!  That's right, Amber has been taking it off since the beginning, so let's start out with this scene featuring Amber getting horny and topless before things unfortunately get interrupted:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Playlist: Celebs Going Nude in Public

Our next playlist has be one of our favorites because if nothing else, it covers a majorly broad spectrum that provides a variety of nudity.  Yes, celebs going nude in public is today's topic, so pretty much of a hot actress is naked and others are around seeing it, it's on this playlist. Of course this means public nudity from movie scenes, but also nudity from reality shows and public wardrobe malfunctions are included as well which makes for a hefty list of nudity from some big names.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Eline Powell Topless in Game of Thrones

Eline Powell ToplessGame of Thrones has pretty much established itself as the undisputed champion of nudity when it comes to TV shows; season after season we've had sex and nudity everywhere, which is probably a big part of why it's already one of the most popular shows of all time.  Even though the show is now into it's sixth season, that doesn't mean HBO and Game of Thrones still aren't delivering awesome moments like the super-hot Eline Powell going topless for the first time.

For anyone that watches Game of Thrones, you know it's just about a guarantee that you're going to see nudity on the show in some form; just recently Thrones veteran Emilia Clarke made our (and many other fans') day by returning to doing nude scenes on the show after keeping her clothes on for a few seasons - but we can't imagine any fans wanted that.  Now that Emilia is back to doing the right thing, the door is open for new actresses on the show like Eline Powell to follow her lead.

Eline Powell is an English actress that has such an eye catching look, she's usually the type we hope to see do a nude scene but either have to wait years and years or we never get one at all; maybe that's what makes these scenes so great.  To see such a fresh face who is new to the show bare her breasts already is a real jaw dropper. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yvonne Strahovski Makes Her Nude Debut in "Manhattan Night"

Yvonne Strahovski Nude SceneIt's been far too long since we've had a nude debut that was highly anticipated and then actually delivered on all fronts; such is the case with Yvonne Strahovski's first-time nudity in "Manhattan Night."  Yvonne has been on the radar for years, appearing in numerous movies and shows but never really getting naked - she was even on Dexter but somehow escaped with only showing hints of skin here and there.  Now that she's in her 30s, we nearly lost hope that we would ever see her nude - but the worries are all gone as Yvonne's first time taking it all off is in a word, awesome.

Basically the scene is so great because it involves things we would all do if we were in the situation - Yvonne's co-star Adrien Brody walks in on her touching herself in the shower, and can't help but just keep watching.  During all this we get some pretty hot views of Yvonne's naked body through the shower door, but still, we want perfectly clear views here.  So then as she's getting herself off she notices she's being watched, and the guy runs off embarrassed after being caught like most of us probably would......then things get really good.

From there Yvonne basically busts the guy, but at the same time is turned on because she drops her towel and gives us a great ass shot, and from their the realness really kicks in.  As the couple start getting frisky against the wall and after a taste of Yvonne's topless boobs, she gets turned around and gets it from behind...all while giving us a great side shot of her topless tits. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Playlist: Scenes with Celebs That Are Shaved Completely Bald

Today we're featuring a playlist that is truly special because we're paying tribute to the ladies that were not only brave enough to do full frontal nudity scenes, but they did them shaved bald down below for all of us to see.  How many times have you watched a scene that featured a hot celeb get naked only to be disappointed by a huge bush (and don't even get us started on those god-awful merkins) that hide everything?  I mean, maybe some people enjoy the site of.....hair.  But the ladies that really let us see their parts deserve special recognition.