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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nude Pics of WWE Star Paige Allegedly Leaked

WWE Paige Leaked NudesIt's been a long time since we've had a good leaked pic scandal, but it seemed like the infamous "Fappening" was going to be the biggest and best ever.....at least for a while.  Of course that doesn't mean there aren't hopes and dreams of another scandalous leak happening, and the WWE Divas are often at the center of such hopes for many.

While some may expect nude pics from WWE women that push sexiness like The Bella Twins or even Lana, Paige is kind of the outcast whose dark goth look made us think we'd never see such things from her.....until today.

We're not saying Paige isn't hot, it's just that her image isn't that of a typical "WWE Diva" per se - then again Paige has broken barriers as far as becoming a member of the Total Divas cast and has carved her own niche as far as defining what a sexy WWE Superstar is all about.  Maybe it's the fact that you don't look at her and expect her to have her boobs out in a bikini or underwear that makes her even more appealing, or maybe it's the fact that she can actually wrestle and isn't just there for eye candy.