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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fergie Officially Enters Into the Bikini MILF War

Fergie Almost NakedThe holidays are barely over but the celebrities are already heading for warmer ground so they can strip their clothing off; we just reported on Hilary Duff's barely there bikini and how she has suddenly become one of the hottest celebrity MILFs - well Fergie must have gotten wind of this because she immediately hit the beach in an even tinier bikini than Hilary's.....so tiny in fact it didn't even cover everything!

It's almost surreal that we are posting this, as nearly 9 years ago we posting about hot Fergie bikini pics, and here we are now posting even hotter pics regardless of the fact that Fergie is now 41 and had a kid! The fact that Hilary Duff is a 29 year old MILF and Fergie can contend for the hottest MILF championship at 41 is amazing, and it's a battle that we hope keeps raging on!

While we stated that Hilary Duff seemed like she really wasn't aware of how hot her body is, Fergie is the complete opposite (she did release a song and video title "MILF Money" after all.) In fact, Fergie is a master marketer and knows how powerful tiny bikinis and hot bodies can be - it's quite the coincidence that Fergie just happens to have a new album (her first in over 10 years) on the way soon...and she's managed to get herself on websites just like this one at the exact perfect time. 

Now on to the pics themselves - it would be one thing if Fergie just wore a hot bikini at the beach, but no, Fergie knows she has to outdo the competition by any means necessary.  So her first plan of attack was to wear a bikini that was so tiny it didn't even cover her entire ass; that's right, Fergie was proudly showing off her ass crack while frolicking at the beach with her family.  Of course the big given is Fergie's huge mom boobs which were on display as well, but for the grand finale, Fergie busted out maybe her most famous "oh, am I bending over? I didn't realize!" pose.

You read right, Fergie let it be known that she is a contender for Queen MILF by getting on all fours and assuming the position with her ass up and ready...but not on purpose of course.  Fergie just looks like she's posing for us whether it be with her huge boobs on display or bent over showing us how she likes it in bed.  Is Fergie THE queen celebrity MILF?  It's up for debate, but she has given us a strong showing with these pics that show she's not afraid to show what she's got.  Here's to strong album sales Fergie, and remember the more you show, the more you'll get.

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