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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hilary Duff Bikini Pics That Leave Little to the Imagination

Hilary Duff Hot BikiniIt seems like it was just yesterday that Hilary Duff was the latest "in" Disney Girl that was plastered all over every piece of "Lizzy McGuire" merchandise that the company could market and was seemingly bound to that image forever; fast forward to all these years later, and the general consensus is that Duff is now topping the hottest celebrity "MILF" list.

Hilary Duff hit the beach in Hawaii over the weekend, and the photos give us the idea that she is aiming to lock in the hottest MILF crown judging by the bikini she was wearing.  In recent years Hilary has definitely made an impression with her hot body, but these pics give us more than ever before as we get some great ass shots, her nipples poking through her bikini, and even some camel toe shot that reveal the outline of.....everything.

Unlike Miley Cyrus, Hilary still seems to be the low-key type that almost makes it seems like she doesn't realize how hot she is.  No doubt about it, Hilary's body deserves to be seen and we hope she remains an unshy hot mom! Judging by the smile on her face in some of these pics, she has to know her body is hot but plays it off to perfection. 

Being she is now a mom, the chances of her posing nude or even doing a nude scene in a movie or show seem slim (although she DID recently divorce...) but the tiny bikinis need to be a signature Hilary Duff thing after seeing the pics below. We do think this is the perfect time for an HBO-type show to reach out and attempt to get her to go topless...can you imagine the bikini top coming off?! (Also be sure to check out the final pic below for quite possibly the best bent over ass shot ever...)


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