Kourtney Kardashian Nude

Kourtney Kardashian Posts Nude Photo For Her Birthday

Kourtney Kardashian Nude

There isn’t much that anyone in the Kardashian can do to surprise us, but Kourtney Kardashian has found a way as she was one of the few celebrities to do her birthday right – by getting naked!

While Kim Kardashian made the family famous with her sex tape, we’ve had to wait to get bits and pieces from her sisters over the years.  While Kim became “the girl Ray J banged,” Kourtney was the hot sister who also happened to be on all the reality shows while building a family at the same time.  We would get moments like Kourtney getting her bare ass spanked by Khloe and even Kourtney posing in semi-nude pregnancy shoots, but she always left us wanting more by not really giving us everything at once like her sister did.

So it was quite the surprise when Kourtney posted the above photo, emerging from the water…nude.  Yes it’s dark, yes it’s s side view, but it’s not every day that we get to see a Kourtney Kardashian bare boob!  Apparently others felt the shock as well since the pic is over 1 million likes on Instagram as of this writing, so we hope Kourtney takes that as a message that we all want to see more!

The fact that Kourtney has had 3 kids and THEN decided to post naked pics at age 38 is pretty awesome since most celebs have kids then suddenly want to pretend that they’re wholesome and never want to show their naked bodies.  Kourtney is showing moms can be hot too and should feel free to flaunt what they have….the less clothing the better.

So here’s to Kourtney Kardashians’ best birthday ever – all we know is we hope there is more from this shoot!  We also hope it inspires more celeb moms to post nudity and make it a more normal thing.  As for how Instagram allowed it since they supposedly don’t allow nudity….well, it’s a Kardashian, that’s all we can say.