Rosario Dawson Leaked

Rosario Dawson Leaked Nude Pics and Video

Rosario Dawson LeakedJust when you thought Fappening 2.0 was over, part 2 begins in a major way as Rosario Dawson leaked nude pics and a video have surfaced online. While of course we have seen Rosario give us full frontal nudity in both Alexander and especially Trance, anyone that has seen those films knows Rosario Dawson has a body that no one could ever get tired of seeing nude.

While we’ve seen Rosario Dawson naked before, these leaked nudes do fill some gaps for anyone that has watched her movies over the years – first we get nude selfies that were obviously taken during her work on “Sin City;” this is notable because Rosario played a sexy character in the movie who wore leather and had her ass hanging out in a thong but never got fully naked.  Sin City was rated R and the perfect place for Rosario to take it off like her co-stars, but it didn’t happen.  Well now we have Rosario dawning her famous Sin City look (Mohawk, leather mask)…but otherwise completely nude. Another big factor in the first few pics is we get some great shots of Rosario’s bare ass – something we didn’t get to see much of in her nude movie scenes.

After the Sin City nude pics, we get some pics of Rosario lying around in bed taking pics of her naked body parts. We may have seen of the most legendary pussy shots ever from Rosario in “Trance,” but her taking up-close pics of it herself is still unbelievably awesome.  We also get to see some great up-close shots of Ms. Dawson’s ass in the bed photos as well.

As if all this Rosario Dawson nudity wasn’t enough, a video also leaked that features Rosario nude in a bath and showing off her naked body for some lucky person.  We always got the vibe that Rosario was probably sexy and a bit wild in real life, and the video definitely gives off the vibe that Rosario knows she has a super hot body that drives men (and women too honestly) wild.

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