Ashley Graham Nude

Ashley Graham Poses Nude for V Magazine

Ashley Graham NudeA few weeks ago we asked on our Twitter if our followers thought plus-size model Ashley Graham should “cover it up” or “flaunt it” after pics surfaced of her wearing a thong at the beach.  While opinions were split almost down the middle, we can now announce that Ashley has decided to flaunt it ALL as she has posed completely nude for V Magazine.

Of course V Magazine is one of our favorites since they get celebs to take it all off and have featured some great spreads like the one featuring Miley Cyrus nude, but this Ashley Graham will undoubtedly stir up more “she is overweight vs. she’s hot no matter what” conversation.  We feel like everyone has their own opinions on what’s hot or what’s not, but what really stands out is that Ashley Graham is making waves by posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and now getting naked and letting us see it all – not a common thing for most big time plus-size models.

Some like more meat on their women and others like them rail-thin, there will literally always be someone who doesn’t like this or that, but for those that love Ashley Graham, this shoot delivers it all.  We see Ashley’s topless boobs and her naked ass on display in numerous shots for this black and shite shoot. Ashley obviously has no time for the haters as she seems proud to show off her naked body for these photos.

Check out Ashley Graham fully nude for V magazine I the pics below: