Alison Brie Nude in Netflix’s “GLOW”

Alison Brie NudeWhen we first heard about Netflix creating a show based on the over the top “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” from the 80s, we figured it would actually be a wrestling show on Netflix (ala “Lucha Underground”) that recreated the “GLOW” wrestling promotion in some way.  As time went on, it became clear that this would actually be a gritty series about the actresses who somehow became wrestlers just for this show all those years ago.  Now that the show has been released, it has turned out better than anyone expected as we never thought we would actually get to see Alison Brie nude in it.

Some of you that are longtime Alison Brie fans may be thinking you saw her topless in the film “Born” a few years back, but sadly, a body double was used there.  Thankfully, Alison goes all out in GLOW as she is topless right from the first episode and it’s definitely her.  We see her go topless while changing in a locker room and we also get to watch her ride a guy while nude with her boobs bouncing from numerous angles – this definitely isn’t the cheesy GLOW we remember! And besides just nudity there are even great ass shots of the girls’ tiny outfits as they train to wrestle – we imagine this is probably a pretty accurate depiction of how things went all those years ago based on what we saw on TV.

So what we have here is a great show that is already being compared to Netflix’s huge hit “Orange is the New Black” except themed around pro wrestling – I think anyone that actually watched glow back in the mid-80s wanted to see the girls get raunchy anyway, so this show really is the perfect fit.

Based on all the nudity and the fact that the show is already a huge hit, we’re already looking forward to the announcement of GLOW season 2!  Check out some caps of Alison Brie Nude below, and be sure to watch the full first season on Netflix