Farrah Abraham Cam Girl

Farrah Abraham Becomes a Cam Girl – You Can Now Pay Her to Get Naked Live

Farrah Abraham Live CamEven if you have never watched MTV’s “Teen Mom,” you still likely know the name Farrah Abraham since she continues to branch out into all things adult – now that will include getting naked live on webcam.  As you may recall, Farrah had a supposed leaked sex tape show up online a few years ago which was actually just a porn she made, but nonetheless it made her a lot of money and showed that doing adult things means getting rich quick.

Since her sex tape release, Farrah has actually returned to MTV and continues to star in the “Teen Mom” series, has had multiple breast enlargements (and other surgeries) to enhance her (non) porn look even further, and continues to delve further into the adult industry without actually making another porn.

Tonight Farrah will be camming live on CamSoda for the first time and fans will be able to “tip” her and request she do any number of down and dirty acts. For anyone that’s been on a cam site, you know the performers usually do anything from stripping nude to playing with sex toys and getting off live.  No word yet on how far Farrah will go but we have a feeling that for the right price, she’ll be “enjoying herself” in front of thousands of fans.

The big draw here may be that Farrah recently had “vagina rejuvenation surgery,” which we can only assume means making her pussy look nice again after having it pounded out for many years. Whatever it means, Farrah will likely be putting her new parts to use on cam and many are already clamoring to see it all.

Of course this is the latest endeavor that Farrah Abraham can take part in and still claim she’s not an actual porn star, while still making money in the adult industry; we don’t see the reason to hide anything since anyone that watched her sex tape has already seen how down and dirty she gets, but hey if Farrah wants to get naked for her fans live, no complaints here.

Be sure to check out the Farrah Abraham CamSoda Channel where she will likely be taking it all off right from the get go, or maybe she will get pissed off like she does on Teen Mom and demand more money – either way it should definitely be a show worth watching!