Playlist: The 10 Hottest Naked Party Scenes

Naked Party Playlist

With the holiday spirit in the air and holiday parties seemingly around every corner, we figured what better time to take a look at the hottest naked party scenes from TV and film.  Similar to our Drunk Nude Scene Playlist, partying and getting naked just seem to go hand in hand.  After all, what better way to be the life of the party than by getting naked in some fashion?

This list features some classics like Madonna partying with her boobs out in front of a bunch of people in the 90s (which had to have happened on more than one occasion) as well as more recent party nudity from the likes of Kendra Wilkinson who basically lived in the ultimate naked party house for a few years, the Playboy Mansion.  Of course we all love nudity, but getting naked in front of a large group of people just takes things to another level.

This list really is a tribute to those that represent the ladies that aren’t shy (or are too drunk to be shy) and don’t care who see them topless.  The boobs are out and in some cases there is no sign of clothing at all; enjoy our choices for the 10 hottest naked party scenes below:

10. Christina DeRosa in “Entourage”

Christina DeRosa Topless


9. Natalie Nicole and Erica Drummond in “Mardi Gras: Spring Break”

Partying Topless


8. Gabrielle Richens in “Hack!”

Gabrielle Richens Topless


7. Camille Langfield in “National Lampoon’s Pledge This!”

Camille Langfield Nude


6. Jacqueline Lovell in “Nude Bowling Party”

Jacqueline Lovell Nude


5. Kendra Wilkinson in “The Girls Next Door”

Kendra Wilkinson Partying Naked


4. Rebecca Marshall in “Party Down”

Rebecca Marshall Topless


3. Madonna in “Madonna: Truth or Dare”

Madonna Topless Party


2. Karen Viola, Michelle Redwine, and Marissa Ingrasci in “Pig Hunt”

Pig Hunt Topless


1. Cerina Vincent and Jesse Capelli in “Not Another Teen Movie”

Jesse Capelli Topless


The real party doesn’t start until the boobs come out, as evident in the scenes above; which one is your favorite? If you want to see even more naked party scenes, be sure to check out the full Naked Party Scene Playlist!