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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th Special - Free 7 Day Trial Mr. Skin Memberships

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

WWE Announcer Renee Young Ass and Boobs Show from Total Divas

Renee Young Hot BikiniWhile the women of WWE have undoubtedly been one of the most popular topics since this site's existence, announcer Renee Young (real name Renee Paquette) is probably the least likely female from WWE that we thought we would be posting on. 

It's not that Renee Young isn't hot, it's just that she comes across as more spunky and the "cool girl" if you will, rather than the type that would wear skimpy outfits and show skin; that has apparently all changed now that she is a cast member on the hit E series "Total Divas."

When Renee Young joined WWE, she seemed to have the reputation of being a legit sports broadcaster that could even hold her own on or ESPN or a similar environment.  Over the past few years, Renee has kept up that image as she has hosted and done backstage interviews for numerous WWE events and always seemed prepared and informed, which added to the feeling that she was the hot girl that we would never see get overly sexy. 

This thought process again changed when word leaked that Renee was actually dating WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose in real life....it seemed maybe Renee did have a bit of a wild side we had yet to see.

When it was announced that Renee would be added to the cast of Total Divas, it definitely seemed a bit odd mainly because Renee doesn't have big fake boobs to show off like her cast mates Eva Marie, Maryse, or Nikki Bella, but then again Renee did bring her own hot diversity to balance things out. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Heidi Klum Goes Topless On a Balcony for Her MILF War Entry

Heidi Klum BoobsThe celebrity bikini MILF war of 2017 is raging on and today we have the tiniest bikini yet - as in, bikini bottoms only! Heidi Klum must have heard about the hot moms like Fergie and Hilary Duff that have been creating a buzz by showing major skin in tiny bikinis, since she proceeded to just whip her top off on a balcony in Miami to show them all how being a hot MILF should be done!

Amazingly, of the above mentioned hot moms, Heidi Klum is actually the oldest and has the most kids with four! The fact that she still has a tight body and isn't afraid to let her boobs be seen at age 43 sets an example we wish more celebs would follow.

Of course Heidi is no strangers to getting naked - being a well-known  model she has stripped off for numerous shoots over time (and years ago we even posted about a book that featured Heidi Klum nude and covered in chocolate) but still there is something special about a celebrity that is willing to be topless in public, a sure sign that she is proud of her tits.

Unlike the time Rihanna changed clothes in front of an open window, Heidi makes the choice to be fully out on her balcony with her top off - as earlier she is seen in a full bikini but decides to take the top off (presumably for a better tan....who can argue?) There are definitely lessons for other celebs to be learned here - A. if everyone has already seen your boobs, why bother hiding them anymore? And B. women should have the right to have their top off just like men do, so why not?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fergie Officially Enters Into the Bikini MILF War

Fergie Almost NakedThe holidays are barely over but the celebrities are already heading for warmer ground so they can strip their clothing off; we just reported on Hilary Duff's barely there bikini and how she has suddenly become one of the hottest celebrity MILFs - well Fergie must have gotten wind of this because she immediately hit the beach in an even tinier bikini than Hilary's.....so tiny in fact it didn't even cover everything!

It's almost surreal that we are posting this, as nearly 9 years ago we posting about hot Fergie bikini pics, and here we are now posting even hotter pics regardless of the fact that Fergie is now 41 and had a kid! The fact that Hilary Duff is a 29 year old MILF and Fergie can contend for the hottest MILF championship at 41 is amazing, and it's a battle that we hope keeps raging on!

While we stated that Hilary Duff seemed like she really wasn't aware of how hot her body is, Fergie is the complete opposite (she did release a song and video title "MILF Money" after all.) In fact, Fergie is a master marketer and knows how powerful tiny bikinis and hot bodies can be - it's quite the coincidence that Fergie just happens to have a new album (her first in over 10 years) on the way soon...and she's managed to get herself on websites just like this one at the exact perfect time. 

Now on to the pics themselves - it would be one thing if Fergie just wore a hot bikini at the beach, but no, Fergie knows she has to outdo the competition by any means necessary.  So her first plan of attack was to wear a bikini that was so tiny it didn't even cover her entire ass; that's right, Fergie was proudly showing off her ass crack while frolicking at the beach with her family.  Of course the big given is Fergie's huge mom boobs which were on display as well, but for the grand finale, Fergie busted out maybe her most famous "oh, am I bending over? I didn't realize!" pose.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hilary Duff Bikini Pics That Leave Little to the Imagination

Hilary Duff Hot BikiniIt seems like it was just yesterday that Hilary Duff was the latest "in" Disney Girl that was plastered all over every piece of "Lizzy McGuire" merchandise that the company could market and was seemingly bound to that image forever; fast forward to all these years later, and the general consensus is that Duff is now topping the hottest celebrity "MILF" list.

Hilary Duff hit the beach in Hawaii over the weekend, and the photos give us the idea that she is aiming to lock in the hottest MILF crown judging by the bikini she was wearing.  In recent years Hilary has definitely made an impression with her hot body, but these pics give us more than ever before as we get some great ass shots, her nipples poking through her bikini, and even some camel toe shot that reveal the outline of.....everything.

Unlike Miley Cyrus, Hilary still seems to be the low-key type that almost makes it seems like she doesn't realize how hot she is.  No doubt about it, Hilary's body deserves to be seen and we hope she remains an unshy hot mom! Judging by the smile on her face in some of these pics, she has to know her body is hot but plays it off to perfection. 

Being she is now a mom, the chances of her posing nude or even doing a nude scene in a movie or show seem slim (although she DID recently divorce...) but the tiny bikinis need to be a signature Hilary Duff thing after seeing the pics below. We do think this is the perfect time for an HBO-type show to reach out and attempt to get her to go topless...can you imagine the bikini top coming off?! (Also be sure to check out the final pic below for quite possibly the best bent over ass shot ever...)