Wet T-Shirt Scenes

Playlist: The 10 Hottest Wet T-Shirt Scenes Ever

Wet T-Shirt Scenes

Our popular playlist series continues today with a list that should please anyone that loves a good tease.  We obviously established long ago that we all love boobs, but seeing them through a wet t-shirt adds an exciting element of maybe seeing more than we were meant to.

Whether the excitement lies in seeing an actress like Keri Russel in a wet t-shirt being she hasn’t gone topless otherwise, or maybe a nudity legend like Kim Basinger that has shown her tits so many times that it wouldn’t be right to not see them in a wet t-shirt too. Then there are the times a wet t-shirt gives us boobs when we wouldn’t otherwise expect them such as Kirsten Dunst showing us the “Mary Jane” goods in “Spider-Man.” Wet t-shirt scenes come in diverse forms but we can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t enjoy them.

Our basic thought with this playlist is that just about any actress looks great in a wet t-shirt, so our only job was to pick 10 of our favorites. So if you love a good tease and a glimpse at a sexy pair of boobs, this top 10 is for you:

10. Kirsten Dunst in “Spider-Man”

Kirsten Dunst Wet T-Shirt


9. Keri Russell in “Eight Days a Week”

Keri Russell Boobs


8. Shelly Martinez in “Co-Ed Confidential”

Shelly Martinez Tits


7. Amber Smith in “Amber Smith R.A.W.”

Amber Smith Breasts


6. Jacqueline Bisset in “The Deep”

Jacqueline Bisset Breasts


5. Leslie Easterbrook in “Polica Academy 4”

Leslie Easterbrook Boobs


4. Alice Eve in “Sex and the City 2”

Alice Eve Boobs


3. Lisa Donatz and Corinne Kingsbury in “Old School”

Lisa Donatz Corinne Kingsbury Topless


2. Kim Basinger in “9 1/2 Weeks”

Kim Basinger Topless


1. Carmen Electra in “My Boss’s Daughter”

Carmen Electra Wet T-Shirt


So there you have our picks for the 10 hottest wet t-shirt scenes ever filmed.  Did we leave a out a classic soaked down boob scene? If you want to see these scenes and even more barely covered breasts, check out the full Wet T-Shirt Playlist.