Emmy Rossum Shamless Nude

The Best of Emmy Rossum Nude in “Shameless”

Emmy Rossum Shamless NudeIt was truly a sad day recently when it was announced that Emmy Rossum would be leaving the hit Showtime series “Shameless” after its ninth season. The show is beloved by fans but of course it has had our attention because of the gratuitous amounts of sex and nudity. Emmy Rossum’s character “Fiona” has been hot, horny, and naked for all nine seasons and we can’t imagine how things will go on without her.

When you go back and realize just how many hot nude scenes Emmy Rossum has in Shameless, your appreciation for her is likely to grow. Emmy’s sex scenes are a whole story in themselves. From sex in a car and sex outside to steamy romps with multiple partners in multiple positions, Emmy has helped classify Shameless as a NSFW legend when it comes to TV.

So Fiona having hot naked sex was our reason to watch Shameless, but where do things go from here? For the show, will they find anyone that can deliver the goods even half as well as Emmy Rossum? As for Emmy herself, she’s given us so much nudity in Shameless and it’s actually the only thing she’s taken her clothes off for. So will she be the type of actress that seeks out roles without nudity to prove she has other talents? Or will she realize that we want to see her play other characters that get naked (and even raunchier if at all possible.)

Time will tell where both Emmy Rossum and “Shameless” will go, but we will forever have Emmy’s legendary nude scenes. Below we’re featuring this awesome compilation that we feel covers most if not all of Emmy’s unforgettable nude scenes from the show: