Jiggling Boob Scenes

Playlist: The Top 10 Jiggling Boob Scenes

Jiggling Boob Scenes

Boobs are of course a cornerstone here at NSFW Celebs. We’ve been studying, observing, admiring famous tits since day 1, and today we’re taking another look at one of their best qualities – the jiggle. Now an actress going topless in a movie or even magazine is always great, but letting us really see them in action is even better.

Some will say that topless sex scenes are just acting, but we know what we’re seeing probably looks really close to what you would see when the actress really has sex. One factor of course is just how her boobs jiggle. We want to see how they move in the bedroom and many of these scenes provide just that.

Of course there are other forms of jiggle as well, for instance the classic “run on the beach” type scenes. These scenes can be hot since many times the women seem oblivious to their jugs bouncing around since they’re simply running, but our mind in the gutter eyes know what to look for.

Many of the scenes below are from the classic era (maybe there were more real boobs jiggling instead of fake ones that barely move?) Never the less, below are our 10 picks for the best jiggling boob scenes:

10. Carin McDonald in “È arrivato mio fratello

Carin McDonald Nude


9, Andrea Lowell in “National Lampoon’s The Stoned Age”

Andrea Lowell Boobs


8. Kitten Natividad in “Airplane!”

Kitten Natividad Airplane Boobs


7. Kate Upton in “The Other Woman”

Kate Upton Jiggle


6. Shyla Stylez in “Divorced Wives Club”

Shyla Stylez Boobs


5. June Roberts in “Kitten in the Cage”

June Roberts Nude


4. Jiji Hise in “Sweetwater”

Jiji Hise Breasts


3. Ashlynn Brooke in “Piranha 3D”

Ashlynn Brooke Topless


2. Meredith Giangrande in “Van Wilder: Freshman Year”

Meredith Giangrande Naked


1. Stormy Daniels in “Bad Girls at Play”

Stormy Daniels Nude Scene


And if you just can’t get enough jiggling boob scenes, be sure to check out the full Jiggling Jugs Playlist!