Brunettes with Natural Boobs

Playlist: The Top 10 Scenes Featuring Brunettes with Natural Boobs

Brunettes with Natural Boobs

After the huge popularity of our “Top 10 Scenes Featuring Blondes with Natural Boobs” playlist, we figured the only logical next step would be to do a top 10 for brunettes as well.

Now as stated in our blondes post, we love all boobs including fake ones, but seeing a pair of big naturals on screen and in motion is a very special thing. What we didn’t expect while compiling this list was realizing just how many legendary hot brunettes that have gone topless on screen that there are! 

Trying to rank these 10 scenes was a truly difficult task and we’re going to come out and admit that you could probably reorder this list and it would still make perfect sense. When you have some of the greatest topless natural tit scenes ever from the likes of Alexandra Daddario, Anne Hathaway, Angelia Jolie etc., it’s virtually impossibly to put them in a perfect order. 

These brunettes bared their natural breasts on screen and we’ve done our best through hours of intense research to rank them. So here goes maybe our most difficult top 10 list yet:

10. Chrissy Teigen in “Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2017”

Chrissy Teigen Natural Breasts

9. Eva Green in “The Dreamers”

Eva Green Natural Tits

8. Jamie Lee Curtis in “Trading Places” 

Jamie Lee Curtis Real Boobs

7. Joey Fisher in “Anarchy Parlor” 

Joey Fisher Natural Boobs

6. Monica Bellucci in “Malèna”

Monica Bellucci Natural Tits

5. Eva Amurri Martino in “Californication”

Eva Amurri Martino Real Breasts

4. Jennifer Connelly in “The Hot Spot” 

Jennifer Connelly Topless

3. Angelina Jolie in “Gia” 

Angelina Jolie Natural Breasts

2. Anne Hathaway in “Love and Other Drugs” 

Anne Hathaway Real Breasts

1. Alexandra Daddario in “True Detective” 

Alexandra Daddario natural boobs

Did your favorite brunette with natural boobs make the list? We almost had to make this one a top 20 after seeing how many fantastic brunettes with natural breasts have shown them on screen! If you need even more natural topless brunette beauties, check out the full Brunettes with Natural Boobs Playlist