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Christina Aguilera Leaked Nude Pics

I am officially labeling what we are going through as “celebrity leaked nude pic season.”  Never before have we had this many great leaked pics.  We have featured the Jessica Alba leaked topless pics, then we had

New Mom’s Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie Sexy Nude Pic Collections!

The media was all over reporting the stories that Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie both went into labor around the same timeframe, and they anxiously await the first pics of the newborns. We at NSFW Celebs congratulate

Pregnant Christina Aguilera Nude in January Marie Claire Magazine!

Christina Aguilera doesn’t want to keep her new motherly clean image to be TOO clean, gotta throw some nakedness in there and that’s exactly what she’s done. She strips her pregnant self down to, well nothing in

Pregnant Christina Aguilera Upskirt, Did She Forget Her Panties?

Yes, Christina Aguilera may have pulled a semi-Britney. These shots were captured as she arrived at Hollywood’s Amalfi Restaurant on November 19. Christina is still rocking the new “pregnant is glamorous” style that is all the rage