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Classic Nude Scene: Kristanna Loken Naked in “Terminator 3”

When Terminator 3 hit theatres in 2003, some of the biggest hype surrounding the film was that there would be a female Terminator kicking Arnold’s ass and that she would be walking around nude in true Terminator

Classic Nude Scene: Rosario Dawson Totally Naked in “Alexander”

Today’s nude scene comes from the movie “Alexander” from a few years ago, which I guess was about some historical stuff or something but honestly, probably the only thing anyone remembers from it is the fact that

Classic Nude Scene: Elizabeth Berkley Naked in Showgirls

Hmm, after reading the title, maybe I should’ve put “Jessie Spano Naked” because Elizabeth Berkley’s most famous character is probably a more recognized name than her real name. Ah back in 1995, young minds were blown at

Classic Nude Scene: Halle Berry Explicit Sex from Monster’s Ball

Today’s featured classic nude scene is no doubt considered one of the best of all time; Halle Berry finally decided to show her tits in the movie Swordfish and people made a huge deal of it since