Classic Nude Scenes Archive

Classic Nude Scene: Margot Robbie Full Frontal Nudity in The Wolf of Wall Street

We figured since Margot Robbie is about to blow comic fanboy minds (and probably many fangirl minds too) with her sexy portrayal of the one and only Harley Quinn in the upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie, it was

Classic Nude Scene: Kristanna Loken Naked in “Terminator 3”

When Terminator 3 hit theatres in 2003, some of the biggest hype surrounding the film was that there would be a female Terminator kicking Arnold’s ass and that she would be walking around nude in true Terminator

Classic Nude Scene: Rosario Dawson Totally Naked in “Alexander”

Today’s nude scene comes from the movie “Alexander” from a few years ago, which I guess was about some historical stuff or something but honestly, probably the only thing anyone remembers from it is the fact that

Classic Nude Scene: Elizabeth Berkley Naked in Showgirls

Hmm, after reading the title, maybe I should’ve put “Jessie Spano Naked” because Elizabeth Berkley’s most famous character is probably a more recognized name than her real name. Ah back in 1995, young minds were blown at

Classic Nude Scene: Halle Berry Explicit Sex from Monster’s Ball

Today’s featured classic nude scene is no doubt considered one of the best of all time; Halle Berry finally decided to show her tits in the movie Swordfish and people made a huge deal of it since