Elisabeth Shue Hot

Nude Celeb of the Day: Elisabeth Shue

The yearly Elisabeth Shue nudity continued in 1997 with “Cousin Bette.” As you can tell by the scenes below, this movie is definitely a change of setting but the main theme here is we get to see Elisabeth’s ass multiple times. Don’t worry if you love her boobs though, they make an appearance as well:

Moving on to 1999 Elisabeth’s autistic character strips nude and shows her naked ass and major sideboob for a boardroom full of people in “Molly” –

On to the 2000s and the fully naked scenes for Ms. Shue may have ended, but she’s still getting hot and heavy in 2002’s “Leo.” In the scene, Elisabeth takes it from behind and also spreads wide and takes it up against a wall, proving even without nudity, she knows how to turn up the heat:

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