Jessica Alba Bikini Pregnant

Jessica Alba Pregnant Bikini Pics!

Jessica Alba Bikini Pregnant

Well these are sure to piss Jessica Alba off! As most of us know, Jessica Alba can regularly be seen either hiding from, talking shit to, or straight up flipping the bird at paparazzi. Most candid pics of her taken by paparazzi show very clearly that she is unhappy being photographed.

Well now we’ve reached a new level. First off, Jessica Alba bikini pics are very popular on the Internet, and for anyone that’s seen her in a bikini, you know why they’re so popular. Well when news broke that she got knocked up, we were sure that not only would we be seeing less Alba for a good while, but bikini pics were totally out of the question; luckily, we were wrong.

Here we have Jessica Alba, pregnant and sprawled out in a bikini, and in a pool. This was obviously a private spot where Jessica felt comfortable she wouldn’t have cameras all over the place like usual, but nothing is private with the paparazzi and Jessica isn’t wearing a modest bikini either; she’s keeping it classic style and rocking a smallish bikini for a pregnant woman, complete with big boobs and belly all out. No word on where these are actually from, but it appears they were published in a magazine and probably from a far off place where Jessica thought she was free from the paparazzi.

Who knows how the hell a paparazzi got these, they must have been camped out on a roof, but Jessica obviously felt comfortable letting the belly out and had no idea pics would be taken, but we’re sure Miss Alba is NOT going to be thrilled when she sees her pregnant boobs and belly on display. But in the end, Jessica Alba fans still want to check her out and see her in a bikini, and most are still claiming, Jessica Alba is even hot while pregnant! We can’t argue.

Jessica Alba Pregnant Bikini Pics! Jessica Alba Pregnant Bikini Pics! Jessica Alba Pregnant Bikini Pics!

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