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A Look at Jessica Biel’s Sex Scenes and Nudity in “The Sinner”

Whenever we hear about a new series that promises to be raunchy/controversial/sexy in any way, our first thought is to check what network it’s on because traditionally that’s what really matters when it comes to how much nudity or raunchiness you will see. 

Jessica Biel Nude in Powder Blue Video

Well we’ve finally recovered from last week’s shock from seeing Rihanna’s leaked nude pics, so now we’re back to deliver more goods on the most talked about nude scene in years, that being Jessica Biel in Powder

First Jessica Biel Pics from Nude Scenes in Powder Blue!

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the monumental post that has been in the making for many months, ever since news spread that Jessica Biel would be doing a nude scene in the upcoming movie “Powder Blue.”