Jessica Biel Powder Blue Nudity

Jessica Biel Nude in Powder Blue Video

Jessica Biel Powder Blue NudityWell we’ve finally recovered from last week’s shock from seeing Rihanna’s leaked nude pics, so now we’re back to deliver more goods on the most talked about nude scene in years, that being Jessica Biel in Powder Blue of course. We first made the monumental post featuring pics of Jessica Biel nude in Powder Blue, but now we have her nude scenes in all their video glory.

The scene is great and really builds us up for the moment we get to see Miss Biel’s boobs for the first time on screen. As she’s stripping, she takes awhile to take her bra off and when she finally does, her back is toward us so more waiting, then we only get side boob (which is awesome because we know we’ll be getting full boob eventually,) then we get the full on tit shot, a great tit shot indeed.

People have complained that her tits have wax dripped on them so it’s not that great, but come on people, we’re talking about a few drips of wax on Jessica Biel’s fully exposed tits!  It’d be way different if the wax totally covered her nipples, but no, 100% full topless shot here. And let’s not forget, also in another scene we get to watch Jessica take her shirt off as she’s about to get it on with some guy for another descent boob shot without wax. Then after that, we get a naked ass shot of her standing there, just letting us see her ass. The pics were good, the video is better, since Jessica Biel’s tits and Jessica Beil’s ass are much better in motion, and here they are:

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