Video: Jennifer Lawrence Wild Full-Frontal Nude Scene from “No Hard Feelings”

Jennifer Lawrence Nude in No Hard Feelings

Arguably the most talked about nude scene of the summer is finally available to view for…investigative purposes.

The news that Jennifer Lawrence would be getting naked on screen again seemed to gather more and more steam as the release of “No Hard Feelings” inched closer. But first, we have to remember Jennifer’s spectacular history with nudity.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine years now since Jennifer Lawrence had one of the most spectacular nude photo leaks ever as part of what came to be known as “The Fappening.” Part of Jennifer’s response to her private photos and videos leaking was feeling the need to get naked on her own terms which she did in 2018’s “Red Sparrow.” In that film, Jennifer showed her topless boobs and naked ass, which seemed to be the final chapter of her nudity saga.

Now here we are in 2023 and the rumors that Jennifer would be getting naked again in a movie felt like they were just that, rumors. Jennifer has had a kid since her last nude scene and after all the hype around her taking her clothes off just once on screen, it just didn’t feel like she’d do it again. Then came the bits of information about the scene that really made it seem unrealistic – not only was her upcoming scene topless, but it also featured FULL-FRONTAL NUDITY.

Now this just wasn’t possible – “No Hard Feelings” was a comedy, this had to be a situation where Jennifer was strategically covered up and the nudity had to be implied, right? Wrong. Jennifer Lawrence is nude, fully nude, full-frontal nude in this scene…probably.

Yes it’s confusing, and yes there is still some uncertainty, but J-Law’s nude scene in this movie is definitely not what we expected. In the scene, Jennifer and her guy go skinny dipping at the beach before a group comes along and attempts to walk off with their clothes. Butt-naked Jennifer walks out of the ocean and proceeds to beat the shit out of the would-be thieves – including using wrestling moves on them…while naked as mentioned.

It all sounds ridiculously over the top, kind of like Jennifer getting punched in her nude vagina, but yes that actually happens too. Now for the real debate – it’s been speculated that CGI is involved here, with many pointing out that it looks like Jennifer had flashed-colored panties on that were digitally removed. As far as her tits, her mom boobs are bouncing all over here, so worst case, it seems like we’re getting a topless Jennifer Lawrence view we’ve never seen before (and we’ve seen many!)

We’ve said for years that we’re no fans of CGI, but if this was the only way we get to see a Jennifer Lawrence bottomless pussy scene then maybe we let this one slide. The fact that we get to see Jennifer naked again with her new mom body was completely unexpected – the clear shots of her boobs bouncing all over in a totally over-the-top “fight scene” alone make this scene worthwhile.

Check out the “No Hard Feelings” scene below featuring at least partial Jennifer Lawrence nudity which is very hard to ever be mad at:

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