Vanessa Angel Posts Nude Photo on Instagram to Prove She’s Still Hot

Vanessa Angel Naked
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No matter when you grew up, at some point, there was likely a group of celebrity women that represented the hottest women on Earth to you. In many cases, by the time you grew up, those women just didn’t measure up to what they once were; 57-year-old Vanessa Angel is not one of those cases.

Whether she was your “IT” girl from “Weird Science” or “Baywatch” in the ’90s, “Stargate SG-1 or “Entourage” in the later ’90s and 2000s, or any of her numerous movies over the years, Vanessa Angel now seems to be out to show how amazing she still looks.

When we scanned Vanessa Angel’s Instagram a few months ago, we were pretty shocked to see regular bikini photos posted – it seems like some celebs may cover up once they pass 55, but Vanessa is still delivering what many of her fans want. Today she took things to another level as she posted a “birthday suit” pic – as in, naked.

Of course, being it’s Instagram, the goods were (barely) covered, but we mean barely! Still, this was an eye-opener since back in the day Vanessa did a few nude scenes but they were darkly lit, sometimes not overly clear, etc. For example:

Since it seemed like going nude on screen was only a thing for Vanessa in the ’80s, we did not expect to see such a sexy naked shot posted free for everyone to see. Speaking of, can someone inform Vanessa that OnlyFans (or similar sites) are a great place to have a resurgence? Seems like a Vanessa Angel OnlyFans could definitely be a moneymaker…

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