Library Girl Porn

The Infamous “Library Girl” Kendra Sunderland Tells Her Story…Naked

Library Girl Porn

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a great success story and that’s exactly what we get from the story of 19-year-old Kendra Sunderland aka “The Library Girl.”  If you haven’t heard her story, it goes something like this – Kendra decided to begin work as a webcam model  and wasn’t seeing much success; that’s when Kendra decided she needed to get creative in order to gain more viewers and of course actually make money….that’s when things got interesting.

Kendra decided her webcam shows would definitely be more interesting if she broadcasted them from….a public library.  That’s right, Kendra Sunderland began doing her webcam chats in a library, which of course included her flashing her boobs and ass  as well as masturbating (when no one was looking of course.)  Things were going well, Kendra’s webcam shows were gaining attention and her popularity was rising….that’s when things went sour.

Apparently, Kendra was actually recognized by someone and they posted her shows along with her real name for all the Internet to see; that doesn’t sound ALL that bad if not for the fact that the cops found out and subsequently arrested Kendra for public indecency (it all sounds very decent to us) so of course the library action came to an end.

BUT this story does indeed have a happy ending for Kendra Sunderland; due to all the attention she’s received from this story, she has achieved her dream of posing for Playboy and is now taking part in our good friend Mr. Skin’s “Naked News.”  As a matter of fact, here is Kendra herself telling her story in THE best possible way…..and that is totally nude:

And that’s not all……Kendra also got to audition for the best news show we’ve ever seen, “Naked News;” that’s right, a hot girl delivering news while totally nude – sounds like Kendra is pretty perfect for the job.  So while Kendra may not be getting naked on a webcam in a public library, she’s now moved up to the big time and gets naked for much bigger productions.

We wish Kendra the best of luck as she moves up in the naked entertainment world; here is her audition for “Naked News” which includes her “twerking” nude and telling us even more about herself.


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