Selena Gomez Topless Photos and Videos Leak

Selena Gomez Nudes Leaked
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We seem to say this every time a mind-blowing celebrity leak comes along, but once again recently it’s felt like the huge leaks were done and all our dream nudity was sadly now secure. Enter Selena Gomez with some out-of-left-field topless photos and videos which have fulfilled fantasies for so many.

It almost feels like an entire history that led to this moment is needed. Back in 2013 when it was announced that Selena would be part of the cast of “Spring Breakers,” a movie that was sexually charged and seemed like it would be one big drunken orgy, it was as if Selena and her good-girl image didn’t quite fit, which made the idea even more intriguing. As we suspected, Selena was the only main cast member who didn’t get naked or get involved in any orgies. We did get some high quality Selena bikini pics to promote the movie that were worth of their own post.

A few years later Selena seemed to mature a bit, stepping away from her “former Disney girl” tag and was dating singer “The Weekend.” It was during this time she was out and about on the town in a see-through dress that gave us the clearest view of her boobs we had seen. Our hopes were up – was Selena ready to get naked and let her career skyrocket in every way?

Well, maybe not back then, but this year Selena Gomez has been back in the headlines because of, well, her body. A few months ago photos surfaced of Selena looking like she put on a few pounds, with most of them going straight to her tits! The photos were jaw-dropping, and this new full-figured Selena had everyone’s attention. If you compare these photos to the Selena of old, it’s like she officially became a full-grown woman:

Selena Gomez Topless Photos and Videos Leak Selena Gomez Topless Photos and Videos Leak Selena Gomez Topless Photos and Videos Leak Selena Gomez Topless Photos and Videos Leak

The above photos also created a new debate – while Selena looks great with a little weight on her, was it possible her boobs grew so much naturally? Did Selena get implants? Well, the debate has heated up tenfold now that we have an official Selena Gomez nude leak on our hands.

All of this brings us to today where we can’t believe there is actual Selena Gomez topless content in an ongoing stream of pics and videos. At first, censored photos surfaced that appeared to show Selena sunbathing topless. There were also photos of Selena looking in a mirror with a handbra over her big tits, but it wasn’t clear if those pics were from a shoot or movie even. We can now surmise that the leaked content appears to be from a phone owned by one of Selena’s friends, and if so, it’s very clear that Selena has no problem hanging out topless in front of her girls.

The leaked photos and videos range from Selena in the bath to hanging out in bed with her boobs out, but almost all of that content sees Selena put her hands over her boobs since she knew a pic was being taken. The real money shot thus far has been the photo and video of Selena sunbathing topless. We’re not talking about a distant paparazzi shot here, this is a friend right next to Selena, and capturing her big tit up close with full nipple visible.

So of course now that we’ve had the glory of seeing Selena Gomez topless, there is a definite split as far as the opinions on if she got implants or not. All we know is, it’s a great time to be alive when you have legit material to study when deciding if Selena Gomez has fake tits or not. Be sure to keep up with the leak forums as more content continues to surface, and as always, we’re hoping for even more eye-popping material!

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