Pro Wrestling Star Velvet Sky Opens Member Page for Nude Content

Velvet Sky Naked
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It’s a great day for wrestling fans who enjoy the ladies of wrestling who are making fantasies come true via member sites. Ever since wrestling women started popping up on OnlyFans, Velvet Sky’s name has been on almost every wish list. After some initial disappointment, today, those wishes are coming true.

As many of you have followed and as mentioned on our site before, a great divide took place a while back when it came to wrestling women opening member sites. The OnlyFans route was one thing, but then came other platforms that offered memberships, but prohibited nudity. Yes, you had to pay to see bikini pics or maybe lingerie, but no nudes. Time after time, another lady from wrestling would announce a “member site” was coming soon, and half the time we’d all be disappointed to learn they chose the non-nude path.

One of the biggest disappointments was when Velvet Sky announced she’d chosen one of the non-nude platforms and like so many others, our excitement for her content stopped. Then a few months ago, a bit of confusion set in – suddenly there was content featuring Velvet showing her bare ass, then a nipple slip, and then what seemed like an intentional boob flash – had the rules suddenly changed?

It seems that Velvet realized that there was MUCH more money to be made actually getting naked and now we can joyfully announce that she has made the jump to Fansly which DOES allow nudity. As luck would have it, Velvet has dived right into her new platform and has already shown her bare tits and seems to be teasing that things will go MUCH further.

This story is one that we’ve hoped to be able to post for a long time for numerous wrestling women. We hope Velvet Sky is leading the way and other ladies will follow from the platforms that are basically charging for Instagram-level content and on to platforms like Fansly and OnlyFans that allow the ladies to go as far as they choose.

You can subscribe to Velvet Sky’s new page at:

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