Amanda Seyfried Nude in “Big Love”

Amanda Seyfried NudityWith Amanda Seyfried currently appearing in the number 1 box office movie “Dear John”…her star is rising, which means she is quickly rising up the nudity demand radar as well.  Now what many may not realize that if you are not familiar with Amanda Seyfried, there may be a reason.

You see Amanda was in one of last year’s most recognized scenes, and a scene none of us will probably ever forget.  You see Amanda Seyfried is the lucky girl that got to have the legendary girl-on-girl make-out session with Megan Fox in “Jennifer’s Body.”  So Seyfried was almost doomed to be the nameless girl that girl Megan Fox made out with, but she’s actually been around a while, appearing in Mean Girls, Alpha Dogs (where she showed her ass and boobs briefly,) and various TV shows.

Thanks to the HBO series “Big Love,” we get to see Amanda’s tits in a see-through shirt, and her naked ass after having sex with some guy.  Not a bad way to get in our good graces.  Maybe the bigger news here, is while this scene gives us a nice view of Amanda’s ass, word has it that her upcoming movie “Chloe” will feature Amanda Seyfried as a bi-sexual stripper, and will also feature a lot of nudity.  We are quickly becoming huge fans of this girl.  Here is the video of Amanda’s sex scene in “Big Love,” and we will be on the lookout for her nudity in “Chloe,” and will feature it here as soon as possible.

And as a bonus for our readers, here is the classic, and possibly the hottest girl on girl make out scene ever between Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox from “Jennifer’s Body”….We post this in hopes of a sequel where the two get naked and go ALL the way:

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