Kathleen Robertson Naked

Kathleen Robertson Kicks Off “Boss” Season 2 by Getting Naked

Kathleen Robertson NakedThe Starz show “Boss” grabbed our attention just a few months ago, because the immediate news coming from it was that Kathleen Robertson showed her tits for the first time on it.  What followed was a season full of Kathleen getting naked and doing various sex scenes on the show, which no doubt played a big part in the show getting a second season.

The second season is now underway and it came around less than a year after the last, probably because everyone else wants to keep seeing Kathleen Robertson get naked too.  Well, that’s exactly how season 2 of Boss kicked off, Kathleen Robertson checking her OWN tits out in a mirror as if she’s agreeing with the rest of us who love to stare at her boobs.  To top it off, we get an ass shot to end the scene after the great boob view.  Hopefully, this lovely view means Kathleen is ready to get even dirtier than last season, so we will be on the lookout for more Kathleen nudity as she continues to make up for all the years of holding out on us.

Check out the scene from “Boss” Season 2 below:


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