Jennifer Lawrence Nude Scenes in “Red Sparrow”

Jennifer Lawrence Red Sparrow NudityJennifer Lawrence has set a new standard when it comes to the word “redemption.” You may recall that Lawrence previously set standards when she was the face (or other body parts) of the biggest celebrity nude leak ever which came to be known as “The Fappening.” Now, Ms. Lawrence has finally got over her fear of getting naked by doing so on her own terms in the movie “Red Sparrow!”

That’s right, this isn’t a narrative we thought up (although that would be pretty cool,) this is actually what Jennifer Lawrence said in interviews about going nude in “Red Sparrow.” While literally dozens of Jennifer Lawrence nude photos hit the Internet during The Fappening, they of course weren’t anything she intended to be seen by the masses.  The nude scenes in Red Sparrow gave Jennifer the chance to take it off on her own terms and the results are pretty eye-opening.

Going into this film, we expected to see Jennifer Lawrence topless, maybe in a darkly lit sex scene, but we definitely got more than we expected. The movie is about Russian spies and such, but that whole angle is spun into what makes for interesting nudity.  Probably the nude scene that will be remembered for years to come is the one that occurs in a court room.  Jennifer strips her top off in front of the group in the room and bares her breasts freely.  Then things get even more interesting when she drops her panties and sits on a desk with her bare ass visible.  Of course the guy in front of her whips out his dick out right then and there at the site of Jennifer Lawrence naked…no we’re not making that up.

Below is a compilation of Jennifer Lawrence’s nude scenes in Red Sparrow; there’s sex, topless boobs, bare ass, and even naked torture scenes – definitely something for everyone’s taste:

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