Nicole Scherzinger Bare Butt

Nicole Scherzinger Naked Ass From “Culo” Book

Nicole Scherzinger Bare ButtIf anyone has heard about this new book “Culo” that is available today, you know that it’s basically a book put together by Diddy, Jimmy Iovine, and photographer Raphael Mazzucco that is all about female asses.  Plain and simple this book is about how nice female asses are, and since it’s put together by big money moguls and a renowned photographer it was reason enough for big-name celebrities to feel comfortable showing their bare asses for the book.  They can try to sell this as art, classy, whatever…but they had us at naked celebrity asses; and when one of the first naked asses we see is Nicole Scherzinger, there’s no arguing that this book is one of the best ideas ever.

Nicole has been hot for years whether it was as a member of the Pussycat Dolls, as a solo artist, or now as a host on The X Factor, but never gave us any nudity.  It was looking like her boobs slips and upskirts were about the only action we were ever going to get from her.  Luckily when you call it “art,” somehow the idea of stripping nude and showing the world your bare ass is a great idea and is no longer “dirty” or “objectifying women.”  In Nicole’s pic, we get a great full shot of her ass with only tribal marking of some sort on it……and she’s not wearing much else.  Somehow I’m willing to bet that no matter how much Nicole thinks she is being artistic by getting naked for these pics, she HAS to know how many guys will be jerking to this pic regardless.

So the “Culo” book is available now, with a ton of celebrities showing their naked asses for the sake of art, and all I can hope is next up we will be celebrating boobs as well with another highly artistic book featuring celebs baring their topless breasts….for art of course.


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