Ronda Rousey Nude Leaks

Ronda Rousey Leaked Fully Nude Pics from ESPN Photoshoot

Have you ever seen a photoshoot from a celebrity that comes SO CLOSE to showing the goods that you wish there were just a few more inches shown before the photo cuts off? Of course, we all have, and it’s a tactic many celebs love to use to tease us to no end. Today we have a case of actually getting to see the extra few inches needed via Ronda Rousey’s leaked nude photos from the ESPN Body Issue photoshoot.

We featured the censored version of these photos in our Ronda Rousey post from a couple of years ago, but today’s leak truly provides an eye full! As you may recall, one of the photos features Ronda nude, covering her boobs with her arms and the photo went so low that you could see her Olympic tattoo before cutting off RIGHT before her vagina could be seen – Exhibit A:

Ronda Rousey Leaked Nude

Today, we get to see the unedited full-on vagina shot – that’s right, while most of us would think Ronda would have at least covered her lady parts for such a suggestive photo, that is not the case at all as Ronda was completely naked as her bare (and shaved) vagina was plainly visible to the photographer, and now the rest of the world too.

So what happened here is likely the photographer wasn’t careful enough to do away with the unedited photos and now they’ve found their way online for the world to see.  The set also includes more pics of Ronda’s bare ass which she did show in the shoot, so that really makes the full-frontal shot the most mind-blowing part of it all.  We have a  feeling Ronda will be covering her kitty in some way if she ever decides to do another risqué shoot.

You can view the uncensored version of the Ronda Rousey leaked ESPN Body photos here.

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