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Sydney Sweeney Naked
Photo Credit: instagram.com/sydney_sweeney

If there were ever a list of celebs that became NSFW legends in the shortest amount of time, Sydney Sweeney would undoubtedly be on said list.

In the very first episode of the now-smash hit “Euphoria” on HBO where Sweeney plays the character “Cassie,” Sydney made her nude debut by showing her topless boobs in numerous scenes. The sheer size of her tits had jaws hitting the ground, and immediately Euphoria was “must-see TV.”

It seemed like after just 1 season of Euphoria that was filled with Sydney Sweeney nude and sex scenes, it felt like she was already a top-tier nudity legend, and all at around 22 years old! Thankfully, the fun didn’t end there and it seems like Sydney knows what we want, and isn’t afraid to share it.

We did get a bit worried when Sydney’s next show turned out to be The White Lotus which also airs on HBO. The problem was, while Sydney is in sexy bikinis and showing off her big tits throughout the show, she doesn’t actually get naked in it, even though the show does feature nudity. Did Sydney feel like she already gave us more than enough nudity? Not at all.

What followed next for Sydney was a scene that likely outdid even her performance on Euphoria, since it topped the list of the Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2021 – her nude sex scene in the movie “The Voyeurs.” This scene was very easy to relate to – you’re taking pics of Sydney Sweeney, you ask her to strip nude one piece of clothing at a time, which she does, and it leads to hot sex. We have no argument about this being the top nude scene of the year and one of the best ever.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, and after showing us her huge tits from every angle, Sydney Sweeney is back for Euphoria season 2, and yes she’s getting naked again. At the age of 24, Sydney has given us so much NSFW content, yet keeps us wanting more.