Kelly Brook Fully Nude in Exhibition Magazine

Out of the blue today, we gladly bring you one of the most epic nude photoshoots a magazine has featured in a very long time.  Kelly Brook makes headlines any time she’s in a magazine, and her nude scene in Piranha 3D topped the Mr. Skin Top 10 Nude Celebs of 2010 list.  Kelly also posed in Playboy last year, but that shoot has been blown out of the water as of today.

The most interesting part to me is that Kelly Brook first caught my eye a few years ago in a movie called “Survival Island.”  In that movie, a couple is stranded on an island with some other guy, and Kelly ends up having wild beach sex with the other guy, complete with her big boobs bouncing all over for us to see.  Apparently during filming, Brook ended up in a relationship with co-star Billy Zane and once things were wrapped up with the movie, the couple unsuccessfully attempted to get Kelly’s nude scenes removed.  It seemed that Survival Island would be the only time we would get to see Kelly Brook naked being she was suddenly anti-nudity…..until thankfully she broke up with Zane, and the clothes came back off and continue to do so.

This awesome shoot is for the first issue of “Exhibition Magazine.”  The good news is they are giving us a fully nude Kelly Brook shoot with boobs, vagina lips, and the whole 9.  The bad news is, while this magazine looks like it could become the best magazine ever, it will sadly only be an annual magazine with one issue per year.  The magazine’s annual issue will be dedicated to one topic, this one being lipstick.  So Kelly Brook gets naked, then puts lipstick all over herself while still naked, enough to equal a rave review from us.

It’s crazy to think that this is a woman who once wanted her nudity removed from a movie, but now gladly strips for this shoot that shows it ALL.  Keep up the nudity Ms. Brook, and you will solidify a legendary status here at NSFW Celebs:

Kelly Brook Fully Nude in Exhibition Magazine Kelly Brook Fully Nude in Exhibition Magazine Kelly Brook Fully Nude in Exhibition Magazine

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