Emma Caulfield Nude

Emma Caulfield Goes Nude in “Don’t Panic It’s Organic”

Emma Caulfield NudeWhether you’re a fan of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or maybe even the original “Beverly Hills, 90210,” the news that Emma Caulfield has finally done some nudity on film is great news.  I first remember seeing Emma as “Susan Keats” on 90210 who was a bit of a prude, but still hot.  Then of course Buffy fans knew her for years as “Anya” where she seemed much hotter.  While some may be disappointed that it took this long and would’ve preferred to see her naked during the height of her Buffy fame, she is still quite hot so how can you not enjoy finally seeing Emma Caulfield’s boobs and ass?

The circumstance is a little odd since the nudity occurs in the short film “Don’t Panic It’s Organic.”  This sort of oddball short film involves Emma having a pain in the ass of a day with fire alarms going off in her apartment as she tries to relax.  There is some weird animation involved and it’s all just a bit….strange.  What REALLY matters is that we get to watch Emma undress as she goes topless with her boobs bouncing out from under her shirt for the first time on screen.  Of course her bath is interrupted by a knock on the door, and we get a full-on ass shot as she takes an awkward fall that shows it all.

This whole thing is really weird, but apparently, Emma herself had a hand in creating this thing.  There has been talk and even teasers about this for a couple of years now, so anyone that was really waiting on this got a very nice payoff with the nudity.  I don’t really get the point of it other than it being a somewhat amusing/humourous short, but it provided us Emma Caulfield nude on screen so I like it.  Check out the video below which only shows the “good parts” from “Don’t Panic It’s Organic.”


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