Courtney Stodden Porn

The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape is Now Available

Courtney Stodden PornIf you’ve heard the name “Courtney Stodden,” you probably know that the main reason she is famous is that she married an old dude, and that’s pretty much it; Stodden made headlines a few years ago when at the age of 16, she married a 50-year-old.

That’s really all there was to it – extremely young girl with an old guy, but then her over-the-top appearance and attitude began to overshadow the whole situation and when she became of age the real question became “OK, she’s definitely getting naked but when?”

Well the day has come – Courtney Stodden is now 20, still married to the old guy, but simply can’t keep her clothes on any longer and her first sex tape is now available….but thankfully it features her having sex with herself and not the old guy.

That’s right, Courtney Stodden’s first venture into the porn world is a solo sex tape featuring her getting herself off; we imagine this is because she’s technically married but this allows her to get her feet wet so to speak in the porn world so she’ll be ready for her inevitable full-on porn career at some point.OH but we forgot the biggest detail, of COURSE, this video was meant to be “private” for her husband and it somehow “leaked” (like just about every other sex tape ever) so what we get is Courtney talking to the camera as if this whole thing was for her husband….right.

What we get is Courtney getting down and dirty with an ice cream cone, then in the bath, masturbating on a bed, yes she “misses her husband” so much she has to make porn-level dirty videos for him while she’s on vacation.  Of course, all of this is in Courtney’s signature super over-the-top sexy bimbo persona, but we wouldn’t expect any less.  Of course, this is our first look at Stodden fully nude and not just teasing us with a boob flash or two which has been the most we’ve got from her.

We expected Courtney to pose topless in Playboy or something tamer, but they really didn’t want her so going into the full-on masturbation tape territory was the best option for her.  Now she’s on the same path as Teen Mom Farrah Abraham who has carved her own niche as far as using “leaked” sex tapes (not porn!) to reach new levels of fame.

Any bets on how long before Courtney delves into full-on porn?  We know it’s bound to happen, let’s just hope she drops the old man first because……..does anyone really want to see that?

For now, we have Courtney Stodden pleasuring herself, and letting us watch in “Courtney Uncovered.”


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