Demi Lovato Naked

Demi Lovato Poses Nude for Vanity Fair

Demi Lovato NakedToday we are here for one reason and one reason only, to celebrate Demi Lovato. While it may seem odd since we haven’t featured her on the site before, we’re celebrating because Demi has come to realize that getting naked is good, and she’s ready to spread the word to everyone that will listen…..inspiring indeed.

We’ve heard the story before; girl becomes a Disney star, girl realizes she doesn’t want to be considered a Disney star for life, so she feels the need to get naked to show she’s a bad girl…we all end up happy. Demi Lovato has had a few twists and turns over the years with her story, from going to rehab then coming back to make music and become a good girl again In reality, she’s not really going back to bad girl status, but turning nudity into positivity.

Yes, the best part about this is Demi’s message is all about women being empowered by getting naked. In the video below, she shares how being confident is all about going makeup free, clothing free, and no retouching……AMEN.

So basically, overcome your body issues and start posting those naked pics….because Demi Lovato believes in you:

Now on to the pics themselves, Demi is completely nude and shockingly she shows her naked ass in these pics. We expected a bit more covering up involved, but the fact that these pics aren’t retouched made them surprisingly raw. One big eye opener is that in a one of these ass shots, we basically right up inside everything….if you will. Usually a “tasteful” butt shot is all we get, but Demi really gave us a fully detailed shot here, maybe some of that bad girl is still in there after all!

The only complaint in the shoot is in the boob department; Demi is indeed topless but barely showing any boob as they are covered, but freeing the nipple here would have been the icing on the cake. We’ll understand THIS time since it’s the first nudity for Demi and she has to save something so she can give us more in the future… we forgive her, for now.

So here is Demi Lovato in all her naked glory – in the shower, in the bath, letting you look just all in her ass. It’s pretty great, so congratulations Demi, you are on all of our radars:


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