Classic Nude Scene: Margot Robbie Full Frontal Nudity in The Wolf of Wall Street

Harley Quinn FlashWe figured since Margot Robbie is about to blow comic fanboy minds (and probably many fangirl minds too) with her sexy portrayal of the one and only Harley Quinn in the upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie, it was a good time to feature her awesome nude scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Yes, this movie just came out a couple of years ago, but when it’s Margot Robbie doing full-frontal nudity, it’s pretty much an instant classic.  The scene is also great because we love realism and Leonardo DiCaprio does a great job of acting out what we would all do with a fully nude Margot Robbie standing in front of us – get to banging her, multiple times.

Yes, it seems that Leo lasts about as long as any of us would with Margot in this scene, but it also demonstrates how fast most of us could get it back up with her topless boobs out for visual aid. Of course Margot’s character “Naomi” isn’t satisfied with the length of performance number 1, the fact that an instant round 2 happens seems to please her.

While the scene is fairly short, who can complain after getting a full-frontal shot of nude Margot Robbie that is so great it makes us want to thank the entire country of Australia for producing her. Of course, a shot of Margot’s ass would have been great too, but she’s still young and has many years of nude scenes ahead to do; we imagine once she rocks the comic world with her version of Harley Quinn, she will be even more in demand, especially for nude scenes.

Of course interest in this sex scene will likely skyrocket once again once Suicide Squad is out and sex with Harley Quinn fantasies are running rampant; we can’t argue because Margot Robbie looks hot in the role, just like she did fully nude in The Wolf of Wall Street sex scene:

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