Amanda AJ Michalka Nude Photos Leaked

Amanda Michalka Nudes LeakedIt’s officially time to add to the list of former Disney girls gone bad as AJ Michalka nude photos have leaked online.  Amanda “AJ” and her sister Alyson “Aly” (more commonly known as “AJ and Aly”) have been a pretty popular musical do over the past few years, but we tend to not pay too much attention until something scandalous pops up – these leaked photos of AJ Michalka nude definitely fit that category.

Besides being Disney girls, it’s quite possible that the reason we haven’t paid too much attention to “AJ and Aly” is that they have spoken quite often about their faith and how religious they are – usually a translation for “I would never take raunchy naked pictures of myself.” Apparently, the whole religious thing didn’t stop AJ from taking nude selfies and other raunchy photos that don’t leave any of her body parts out.

If these nude photos were taken for a particular person, they prove AJ must not be shy around them because they really deliver all the nudity you could ask for; from topless boob shots to bent over ass shots, and a lot of up-close pussy shots as well…doesn’t look like the work of a good church girl at all to us.

Amanda AJ Michalka Nude Photos Leaked

Of course, some will say AJ could have taken these pics for a boyfriend and they were private, which could definitely be true, but it goes to show that even the holy faithful have a wild side and now the world is getting to see Amanda Michalka’s.  There’s just something about being a good Disney girl that makes so many of them want to break from when they’re old enough to do what they want…which usually means taking their clothes off.

The AJ Michalka nude pics give a little bit of everything for anyone that has wanted to see her nudes; I guess the other thing we could wish for is Aly and AJ nude..together!  You can see the AJ leaked nudes here.

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