Gina Carano Strips Nude, Then Her Towel Drops at EliteXC Weigh-ins

Gina Carano Strips NakedThis story isn’t as “NSFW” as we’d like it to be but regardless, it’s making headlines with fight fans. EliteXC’s undefeated female fighting sensation, Gina “Conviction” Carano (also an American Gladiator) is set to fight tonight live on the big CBS show. Yesterday, weigh-ins were held and as has happened many times previously, Gina Carano did not make weight. In fact, last time she fought on CBS she did not make weight and had to end up working a deal to share some of her purse with her opponent, and that wasn’t even the first time she’s missed weight.

Well this time she had a better idea, which was to strip down naked right there at the press conference and make the weight. Her dad and trainers held up towels as she got naked and made weight. And then, in a moment MMA fans couldn’t have planned better, Gina’s dad dropped her towel and cameras flashed as rumors shot all over the Internet about what was caught on camera, what was seen, etc.

Gina Carano has been the fight fans’ dream woman for quite awhile now, and the hope that she was exposed had people anxiously awaiting what was caught. Well we’ve got everything here, pics, gifs, video etc., and when the first pics came out, it was at a the wrong angle to see but camera flashes were seen and every ones hopes were still up. Well a better angle was caught but all we see is a brief glimpse of Gina with her arm over her boobs. These pics are quite humorous as people have pointed out that her dad is standing there watching her get naked as well as a couple others, and cameras were flashing like crazy trying to catch a glimpse.

Some have even wondered if this was all a setup to either get more people to watch the CBS show, or to get Gina a Playboy spread (not a bad idea.) So here’s everything we have on the nude strip down and towel drop, maybe more will surface if anyone caught it JUST at the right moment to catch a boob or nip slip.