Classic Nude Scene: Sandra Bullock Wild Sex in “Fire on the Amazon”

Sandra Bullock Nude SceneToday’s Classic Nude Scene is a fun one to feature, if for no other reason than the fact that Sandra Bullock doesn’t acknowledge it exists.

Sandra hit it big in 1993 when “Speed” was released; over the years she’s become one of the hottest celebrities who just happen to mainly do comedy movies, but that stops no one from hoping she’ll get naked even at age 45 now.  The closest thing Sandra has done is some nude scenes in comedies that are “haha” moments and her good parts are always covered.  So if not for some digging, Sandra Bullock would go down in history as the hot funny chick that never lets us see her naked.

BUT we have dug up this scene from very early in her career which was filmed in 1990, but not released until 1993.  “Fire on the Amazon” is known for 1 thing, and that’s Sandra Bullock’s nude sex scene.  You can tell from the get-go that Sandra is uncomfortable doing this scene, but as a breaking-in actress, you have to do whatever it takes.  Sandra is getting hot and heavy with some crazy-looking dude and her clothes come off pretty quick.  Then things get fairly raunchy as Sandra and crazy man get in some wild positions, including Sandra taking it doggy style and then riding the guy.

Many stories have come out of the filming of this scene, as it was said that Sandra had to have written agreements as far as what parts of her body would be shown and put tape over her nipples to be SURE no one could see.  Seriously?  She’s butt naked with some crazy guy in the amazon doing all kinds of freaky sex positions, and she’s worried about us seeing her nipples?

Even better, when Sandra’s movie “The Proposal” was released, she was asked about the movie featuring her “first nude scene” which was a “haha” scene in which Sandra was nude but everything was covered.  She talked about how awkward it was etc., but uh, we’ve got her first nude scene right here and it’s a lot raunchier than anything in any of her other movies including “The Proposal.”

So here is the controversial scene she doesn’t want you to see, Sandra Bullock totally naked and having sex in Fire on the Amazon:

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