Kat Dennings Topless Leak

Kat Dennings Leaked Topless Pics

Kat Dennings Topless LeakAlright, we admit we are a little late on these, simply because they leaked at the same time as the now legendary Jessica Alba leaked topless pics.  Well, that doesn’t mean these leaked pics aren’t just as awesome because Kat Dennings is topless….nuff said.

If you are not familiar with her, she was “Norah” in “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.”  Young, hot, yet definitely not the type we would expect anything like this from.  Seemed more the cool girl type that wasn’t into being sexy, then whoa suddenly we have these topless pics showing her awesomely huge boobs.  Being the Alba leaked pics were actually disappointing to some people either because she was pregnant, or because we only got to see a peek of her boobs in a couple of pics, these pics of Kat Dennings have jaws dropping across the Internet.

These pics prove yet once again, as we’ve always said, that actresses doing nude scenes or having nude scenes leak are great for their careers.  Kat Dennings is now buzzing all over with everyone wanting to see more of her, and who could blame them.  She was the cool hot chick in movies, but now her name is going to be all over even more.  This girl is mega hot and some producers need to jump on her (yeah) and get some nude scenes rolling ASAP!

The pics look like they were taken from a webcam, no details on how they got out, but that doesn’t take away from how awesome these pics are. You can view the full set of Kat Dennings leaked nude photos on the usual forums that post leaks.


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