Classic Nude Scene: Anne Hathaway Hot and Topless in “Havoc”

Anne Hathaway Havoc NudityWith Anne Hathaway winning Oscars and solidifying her A-list status more and more, we can’t help but think about all the awesome nude scenes Anne has done over the years.  I mean you really can’t beat an actress who wins multiple awards for her performances yet is happy to do fully nude scenes when necessary.  Needless to say, Anne Hathaway is very popular for a multitude of reasons.

Today we’re taking a look back to a time when Anne was the nice girl who did Disney movies like “The Princess Diaries,” back when we hoped she would break away from the Disney image (like many Disney girls do) and get into some hotter roles.  Thankfully, that’s exactly what Anne did in the movie “Havoc,” and she did it in a major way.

In the movie, Anne plays a bad girl looking to get into all kinds of trouble.  Anne makes her nudity debut in Havoc by showing her fully topless boobs twice in the movie, as well as a bit of a nipple peek at another point.  First, we get Hathaway making out with a dude in a car, of course, she gets him horny and he wants a blowjob; Anne obliges but not before making sure to take her bra off (maybe to avoid stains?) and we get to see our first ever shot of Anne Hathaway’s topless boobs as they bounce around.

Next up we get some guy filming her for a project of some sort and she starts acting horny, pulls her nipple out, and starts fingering herself!  The guy can’t handle the moment and doesn’t jump on her and give her what she wants as any other guy would so that moment is ruined.  Finally, Anne hooks up with some Hispanic gangster guy who is quick to pull her bra off for another look at her awesome tits.  This time it’s Anne who chickens out before the guy can ram her good (which is possibly the only thing that could have made this scene better.)

Havoc showed us that Anne Hathaway would do whatever it takes to make it to the top.  She showed off her boobs like a pro and went on to do it again and again in multiple other movies.  After viewing so many of these scenes, we have to say Anne has one of the nicest pairs of natural tits in Hollywood  The video below has all three scenes that started it all and set a standard for what a hot nude scene should be.  So today Anne Hathaway, we salute you!

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