Anne Hathaway Topless Photos Leak Online

Anne Hathaway Nude LeakThis has been quite the year for celebrity nude photo leaks, but only once in a while is there a huge A-list actress that falls victim and today we can officially add Anne Hathaway to that list.  There have been rumors swirling this week about a set of Anne Hathaway nudes that would leak soon, then came censored preview pics that confirmed they were legit, and now the uncensored photos have officially leaked.

Of course, there are many people who are already saying that we’ve seen Anne Hathaway  topless in hot sex scenes like the ones in “Havoc,” but many of us would agree that seeing real-life naked photos without the Hollywood makeup and lighting is a completely different thing.  And of course the fact that Anne went from Disney movies to sex scenes and nude pic leaks has been a  fun progression to watch.

The Anne Hathaway photos that have leaked so far are all about her topless boobs as there are numerous shots of her tits, some even featuring what looks like her husband.  Anne obviously knows her boobs are hot judging by her poses in the pics.  Anne shows her boobs from various angles and there are even some up-close nipple shots; we don’t know  how anyone could ever complain about seeing too much of Anne Hathaway’s breasts. Maybe the only complaint is her man appearing naked in one of the pics too, but  said pic  tells us that she doesn’t require too much in the “manhood” area if you get our drift.

It’s unclear when exactly the leaked photos were taken, but they seem to be before Anne became a mom – either way it’s been  a while since she’s been naked in a movie but judging by how good she looks, she’s ready to take it all off again whenever the right role comes along.

As of this writing, there are only about 10 pics out there and they only feature Anne Hathaway topless, but we will update if more leaks with further nudity occur.  You can see the current batch of leaked pics here.

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