R.I.P. Angelina Jolie’s Boobs

Angelina Jolie BreastsIt’s a VERY rare occasion that we post sad news on this site, but this was something we just couldn’t ignore.  Now before anyone jumps on our case for being insensitive, this story isn’t all bad and is actually very admirable.  The fact of the matter is, Angelina Jolie recently opted to have a double mastectomy because she carries a gene that gave her a high chance of giving her breast cancer at some point; the sad part is, 2 of the most famous celebrity boobs in history are no more.

We really can’t be MAD per se about this since Angelina made a medical decision to extend her life, but who wouldn’t be sad after hearing such news about those legendary breasts.  But instead of moping, we’ve opted to celebrate Angelina Jolie’s boobs by remembering some of our favorite posts that featured many Angelina topless moments.

First up we have one of our first posts ever on this site which was on Angelina Jolie’s animated nudity in “Beowulf.” It may be animated, but Angelina’s boobs still look great even in CGI-ish form.

Next up we had a great moment where paparazzi caught a pregnant Angelina changing clothes outside in Cannes.  This was an eye-opener at the time as Angelina was just hanging out on a balcony and freely just took her top off and exposed her bare breasts as she changed tops.  Great memories.

Finally we covered the ultra raunchy scene from “Original Sin” where Antonio Banderas and Angelina have hot nude sex. This scene showed us every inch of Angelina’s naked body and may have been her boobs’ finest moment as Antonio gives it to her hard as her tits are bouncing up and down giving us a great show.

OK, we feel a bit better now.  Angelina Jolie’s breasts gave us so many great moments, but those moments were before she got all married up and had a legion of kids so their time may have passed anyway.  No word on if Angelina will get implants or just go with a “natural” look.  All joking aside, it’s pretty admirable for someone who is known for having such a hot rack to make this move all in the name of being precautionary against a deadly disease.

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