Angelina Jolie Shows Off Her Topless New Boobs in “By The Sea”

Angelina Jolie New TitsIt was a sad day back in 2013 when we bid farewell to Angelina Jolie’s boobs after she opted to have a double mastectomy as a precautionary measure.  As we pointed out back then, sure it’s an admirable thing, but we couldn’t help but feel sad about the end of her legendary nude roles.  After all, she wouldn’t show her boobs again after such a surgery…..or would she?!

We were shocked to hear that Angelina Jolie is right back to doing topless roles and shows off her new ladies in “By the Sea” which also features her husband Brad Pitt. There was talk that Angelina had reservations about showing off her reconstructed breasts, but we can confirm that they were reconstructed nicely and this was a great way to debut them since we get to see her topless in two separate scenes – one in the shower and then in the bath.

“By the Sea” wasn’t exactly critically acclaimed, so Angelina’s boobs may be the only reason to watch it at all; from her topless scenes, it looks like she’s a bit uneasy about Brad seeing her new tits (which probably mirrored real life at some point,) but then they act out what also probably happens in real life as Brad walks in on naked Angelina in the bath and simply can’t control himself –  he hops right in the bath and starts banging her right then and there, which we imagine is a typical Tuesday night in the Pitt household.

So basically Angelina Jolie is proud of what she did, proud of her new boobs, and the nudity will continue on even if she is 40, married, and with kids…..that makes us proud.  So here is the first topless look at Angelina Jolie’s new breasts; they look great, and we can’t wait to see even more:

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