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The Love & Hip Hop Sex Tape Featuring Mimi and Nikko is Available Now!

Love & Hip Hop PornI guess we didn’t realize just how popular the VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop” was; of course, any reality show that has a few seasons under its belt and continues to be renewed must have SOME sort of following, but there seems to be SO many of them out there these days. Our eyes were truly opened about the show after we got the news that the new sex tape featuring stars Mimi and Nikko was already rivaling the popularity of the legendary Kim Kardashian sex tape.

When word spread that a Love & Hip Hop sex tape featuring Mimi and Nikko titled “Scandal in Atlanta” was on the way, the buzz was immediate and for various reasons.  Of course the “wow we get to see cast members from our favorite reality show in a porn” is a common reason for buzz, but there was also early buzz over some of the…acrobatic acts seen in this tape.  You see, in this sex tape, creativity gets taken to a whole new level.  Mimi and Nikko do it all as expected, but they also get creative in the shower as Mimi takes it while hanging from the shower rod.  This act seems to have sparked major interest in this form of sexual escapade as reports have stated that stores like Walmart and Home Depot have suddenly seen sellouts in the shower rod department…take that for what you will.

Now of course Kim Kardashian launched an entire career based on her sex tape, and Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom has somehow continued to stay in the spotlight because of her porn career (which she claims doesn’t make her a porn star,) so it makes a lot of sense that this sex tape is already doing record numbers.  Actually, we’re surprised more reality stars and former reality stars aren’t jumping on this bandwagon; I mean, there has to be more than a few cast members from shows like Survivor, Big Brother, or even the numerous seasons of The Real World that people would pay big money to see in hardcore porn err……sex tape (sorry Farrah.)

Mimi and Nikko aren’t shy at all as evidenced by the shower rod hanging sex fest, so maybe they’ve set the bar too high for many other reality stars to try and compete. The action is hot and heavy and these two leave nothing out.  So if you want to see all the REAL Love & Hip Hop action featuring Mimi and Nikko, it’s available now so click here.

The Love & Hip Hop Sex Tape Featuring Mimi and Nikko is Available Now!


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