Britney Spears Doggy Style Naked

Britney Spears Poses Nude at the Beach

Britney Spears Doggy Style Naked

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It’s Britney Bitch, and she’s done it again.

Ever since Britney officially became “free” when her conservatorship was ended, we’ve been waiting for the big statement from her that showed everyone how “free” she really was. Would she start an OnlyFans? Would she pose nude for the highest bidder? Maybe she’d just get naked in public and post her own photos because she felt like it…BINGO.

Now we have to state before anything, almost 100% of the time we hate censorship, teases, etc. Give us the full money shot or don’t bother…BUT this is Britney, and she’s somehow figured her way into another NSFW headline by posting (barely censored) nude photos on her Instagram that show JUST enough to still make jaws drop.

What we have below was posted on Instagram, and might even be taken down if it was anyone but Britney. We’re talking Britney fully nude, with tiny diamond graphics over her tits, ass, and even pussy. This honestly looks like a high-priced OnlyFans shoot, and maybe it will be at some point because pics like this would make Britney millions! The fact that her ass and nipples aren’t even fully covered hopefully tells us that Britney is ready to be seen naked, the “on all fours” with part of her ass crack showing is definitely telling us…something.

Check out Britney’s naked Instagram post and show it some love – maybe it’s the final signal she needs that we want to see her naked on any platform she chooses!

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**Update** Britney has now posted a video where she is again naked, while covering her nipples with her hands but flashing us – paparazzi where are you during this?!

**2nd Update** Britney must’ve thought twice about flashing her nipples on Instagram as the video has already been taken down, all the more reason to bring the content to an appropriate platform!


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