Camila Cabello Flashes Her Nipple on Live Talk Show

Camila Cabello Wardrobe Malfunction
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The joys of live TV have been spread once again as we have a bare nipple view courtesy of Camila Cabello during her appearance on BBC’s “The One Show.”

Camila is currently promoting her new music video for her song “Bam Bam,” which coincidentally features her pouring wine on her tits and then stripping nude in a laundromat, so the stage was pretty much set for something like this.

So as the hosts asked Camila what her favorite dance move from the video is, she got up to demonstrate and ended up demonstrating that she was wearing absolutely nothing under her shirt as her bare nipple was exposed as she adjusted her shirt. The reaction of the hosts speak for all of us, because who doesn’t love live nipple:

Of course, Camilo Cabello isn’t a stranger so showing her sexy side, we can’t think about the time she hit the beach in the tiniest of bathing suits which was white and hid absolutely no part of her body. Now the fact that she’s turning up the sexiness in her music videos and flashing her boobs to get some buzz has us looking forward to what she has in store next. Maybe the best part of all of this, is Camila is continuing to acknowledge the nipple slip and even made a TikTok that notes she turned down nip covers that were offered by her stylist:


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