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Playlist: The 10 Hottest Celebrity Doggy Style Sex Scenes

When it comes to sex scenes, there are so many styles and variations – literally something for everyone. While many scenes allow an actress to cover up and really make us use our imagination while viewing the

Playlist: The Top 10 Musicians That Have Gone Nude on Screen

Our playlists have become some of the most popular topics here on our site, and today’s Top 10 is another hot one. We all love a sexy music star that makes a music video that pushes sexual limits or

Playlist: The 10 Most Amazing Thong Scenes Ever

Today we continue our series that looks at the hottest celebrity asses and today we zero in on those that look amazing in thongs.  There’s just always been something extra sexual about knowing a woman wears thongs, especially if we

Lady Gaga Topless in Her Netflix Documentary

If we’ve learned one thing about Lady Gaga over the years, it’s that she loves getting naked.  From wardrobe malfunctions to stripping completely nude on stage on purpose and just about everything in between, we’ve been covering Gaga

Playlist: Drunk Celeb Nude Scenes

Today’s playlist is a great one because it presents a scenario many of us can relate to – uptight hot girl who pretends she’s not wild…..few drinks later and she’s naked and willing.  Yes, today we feature

The 2016 Golden Globe Nominees that have Gone Nude

The Golden Globes are the talk of Hollywood right now as all the big winners are making headlines, but of course in our world, our first thought is that the REAL winners are the nominees that get

Lady Gaga Strips Completely Nude on Stage During Performance

Say what you will about Lady Gaga, but we’ve been posting on her getting naked for around 4 years now and it’s always been clear that she knows what her fans want.  Last year when she was

Lady Gaga Poses Nude in Vanity Fair

Apparently, Lady Gaga is trying to take over our site by getting naked every chance she gets.  Just last week we posted on Gaga showing her bare ass in the new book “Culo,” and now we get

Lady Gaga Naked Ass from “Culo” Book

Hot on the heels of our post on the red hot Nicole Scherzinger bare ass pic from the “Culo” book, today we bring you another great celebrity ass from the book in the form of the one and
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